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The Ultimate Guide to Compare the Best Virtual Data Rooms

Data rooms are important instruments for providing confidential investor information in the course of the sale of company shares and real estate. With several investors, they offer the possibility of using so-called watermarks to protect the documents with the user and the time and to document access. In the case of a tender, it also […]


Role of Board Management Software in Governance

The management process of modern companies is unimaginable without the appropriate software. There are many different types of virtual platforms and boards, the main purpose of which is to simplify the management process and increase its efficiency. We should not forget, of course, that in the management of a company much depends on the personnel […]


BoardEffect Software Review

Modern companies try to use only the best solutions for the organization of the working process, so they spend more and more effort on searching high-quality and reliable software. Among all the variety that is found in the modern market of virtual platforms for companies with different scales of activity, the BoardEffect Software platform occupies […]


What is a Board of Trustees?

In today’s business world, there are many management models that are popular with companies. At the same time, the variety of such management models also affects the availability of certain management structures. If the board of directors no longer surprises anyone and attracts more and more fans around the world, the presence of the board […]