The Ultimate Guide to Compare the Best Virtual Data Rooms

Data rooms are important instruments for providing confidential investor information in the course of the sale of company shares and real estate. With several investors, they offer the possibility of using so-called watermarks to protect the documents with the user and the time and to document access. In the case of a tender, it also offers the advantage of using a question and answer tool to inform investors about queries on an equal footing. These highly functional work environments also have the advantage that the tendering process leaves a positive and professional impression on everyone involved, although usually only one investor is awarded the contract.

Physical Versus VDR

Until a few years ago, folders were made available for inspection in physical data rooms to ensure that sensitive company or real estate data did not fall into the hands of competitors. In a  VDR, due diligence is much easier and safer to plan and carry out than in a physical data room, since the secure cloud data rooms can be accessed decentrally, eliminating the high costs of travel, room rental and monitoring of the physical data room. VDRs have long been standard in M&A transactions. All necessary documents are filed and made available to investors via a password-protected area for viewing or downloading.

Comparison of data rooms

Comparing data rooms is now easier than ever. Good providers put the services clearly next to each other so that the customer has all the important properties at a glance and full cost control. Most data room providers even provide test access, which can often be converted into a real data room. This means that the data room does not have to be created again. Nowadays these test accesses are a must, because you don’t want to buy a pig in a poke. We have compiled all the criteria for a data room comparison in order to carry out the right data room comparison.

How to compare  VDRs

A  VDR is a crucial tool in a complex process.  VDRs should be checked and compared on:


The best VDRs offer this level of security, along with easy-to-use security controls that let you securely control which users can access what and when.


A  VDR that gives you all the controls you need – without being complicated to use.

A  VDR should be easy to set up, customize, and assign rights and roles.


When dealing with potential bidders and investors, you need to be able to act quickly.  VDRs must be set up and configured quickly, you must upload documents in bulk over high-speed connections and all questions must be answered immediately.

Questions And Answers

Q&A is a complex and critical part of the due diligence process, but not all  VDRs have Q&A tools that are sophisticated yet simple enough to get the job done. Some  VDRs cannot handle Q&A at all.

Any VDR used for due diligence requires Q&A workflows, roles, and features.


Most VDR providers offer different features depending on the purpose for which their data rooms are built.

When comparing  VDRs based on their features, you need to choose the one that fits your usage scenario. Don’t pay for extra features that you don’t need and that just make the data room more difficult to use. insight

The more insight you have about your critical information and what’s happening in your  VDR, the better able you are to close your deal and maximize value.


Instant access to 24/7 support from  VDR experts can mean the difference between a successful deal and a failed one.

With an experienced support team always available, you no longer have to juggle problems in your  VDR.


A lowest price  VDR is a bottom shelf solution, but comparing the price of  VDRs is still helpful.

Data Room Comparison – The Most Important Criteria

We have identified the following criteria as the most important that you should consider when comparing data room providers:


  • Test data room with transfer to real data room – yes

  • Flat price for traffic, page views, documents, storage space – yes

  • Unlimited number of users per data room – yes

  • Unlimited number of administrator accounts – yes

  • Immediate terminability – yes

  • Own domain on request – yes

  • Company logo – yes

  • Theme/color customization – yes

  • Q&A module (Questions & Answers) – yes

  • Assignment of user rights down to file level – yes

  • Upload files by users – yes

  • Newsletter & status mails – yes

  • Dynamic watermark with user, date, time (PDF) – yes

  • Protected screen view with optional photo protection (PDF) – yes

  • Languages: de/en/frz (user) – yes

  • Operation via web browser – no additional software – yes

  • Uploading common file formats – yes

  • Full-text search in PDFs – yes

  • Project logo per data room – yes

  • Personal notes – yes

  • Notarized DVD after project completion – yes

  • German server location – yes

  • Protected screen view – yes

  • Dynamic watermark with user, date, time – yes

  • Trusted Cloud seal – yes

  • ISO-certified data center – yes

  • Certified data encryption – yes

  • Daily backups – yes

  • Audit-proof logging – yes